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How Cortavo Re-Imagines IT: Stories from Cortavo Customers

How Cortavo Re-Imagines IT: Stories from Cortavo Customers

As a managed services provider, Cortavo by Aventis Systems recognizes that technology solutions are rarely, if ever, one-size-fits-all. But being able to adapt to the needs of individual industries, as well as drill down to the needs of specific companies within those industries, is one of the reasons that Cortavo has earned the trust of its customers.

Managed services providers, or MSPs, offer many advantages for businesses of all types and sizes. They can manage disparate systems and cut the headaches associated with maintaining your IT equipment. And, because they take over the tasks of monitoring and managing your IT infrastructure, you have time to solely focus on the day-to-day functions associated with running your business. The best part is that it’s also proven to be more cost-effective than having a dedicated IT staff.

Even among MSPs, Cortavo stands out. Not only because, in addition to providing top-notch IT services such as forward-thinking strategic planning, consulting and 24/7 support. But Cortavo by Aventis Systems also provides all the hardware and software you need to be successful.

But you don’t need to just take our word for it. Here’s a look at four customers from different industries who found that Cortavo was the right fit for them.

A Solid Solution for Financial Services

In the financial services industry, MSPs can help improve outcomes while allowing teams to focus on important benchmarks such as driving growth and creating a competitive advantage. A report by Deloitte found that an MSP partnership “offers substantial strategic benefit” to the financial services industry while reducing costs at the same time.

When the audit recovery company FlexTecs began looking for help with its IT, the company had several frustrations. The IT department didn’t have the time or the expertise to fully manage and maintain the company’s many systems. With disparate systems trying to communicate, it was costly and time-consuming — and made it nearly impossible to stick to a predictable IT budget.

When FlexTecs saw that Cortavo included such features as virtual servers, IT hardware and enhanced security, it was willing to give managed services a try. Getting the latest technology at an affordable rate was important, but so was being able to plan a predictable budget — and to stick to it. The move was successful, with Cortavo getting their IT budget under control by cutting costs as much as 50%. That has allowed the company to begin strategic planning for the future.

“Our experience has been very positive,” says CEO Joe Massanelli. “Cortavo has eliminated the burden and complexity of IT and helped my staff get more time back in their day. They are creative in reducing cost for expansion of our infrastructure while providing maximum performance, reliability and security.”

Helping Telecom Stay Competitive

IT serving telecom

For telecom companies, competition continues to get stiffer, and margins are squeezed as companies try to satisfy customer needs while keeping costs low. That makes them a natural fit for an MSP, as Cytel Communications discovered when it began using Cortavo.

The IT team spent more time putting out fires and being constantly pulled in too many directions. This meant productivity was sagging. That also led to uneven budgeting and spending, making it hard to plan for the future.

“Cortavo is fairly priced and offers a flexible hosting solution,” explains Brant Scott, operations manager. “Their technical staff is able to offer valuable expertise and experience with VoIP infrastructure and they are also very responsive.”

Cortavo has freed up their IT staff to work on more strategic projects and has helped them take a more proactive approach to maintenance. This means a more efficient use of time as well as greater dependability of IT operations. Scott says he considers it a good return on the company’s investment, noting a reduction in IT costs of as much as 19%.

“I would recommend Cortavo because they are responsive to service and support requests,” he says.

The Right Hire for the Staffing Industry

Cortavo offers great equipment to staffing companies

Staffing companies face many challenges, such as finding enough workers for the talent pool. But when technology gets thrown into the mix, it creates a different kind of challenge. This can squash productivity and escalate costs.

After outsourcing its IT but getting horrible results, RD Media Puerto Rico turned to Cortavo for help. Not only did that help streamline operations and improve the efficiency of its IT operations. But it also improved security and compliance — both of which are major considerations for businesses that handle sensitive personal information.

And, with access to local and remote support, RD Media Puerto Rico says it enjoys quick troubleshooting when a problem occurs. Along with a responsive help desk to further provide rapid resolution of problems.

Since partnering with Cortavo, CEO Stephen Smith says, the company has shaved an estimated 10-19% off its IT budget. And, perhaps even more importantly, has gained the peace of mind that comes from knowing you’re in the right hands.

“Cortavo offers great equipment, and their customer service is always top-notch.”

Engineering New Solutions

New solutions from Cortavo

As a specialist in providing companies with integrated engineering services and products, I*LOGIC needed a dependable IT infrastructure. that allowed it to be agile and responsive to customer needs. But instead, the company found itself continually fixing one problem after the next. Saddled with myriad issues including an unpredictable IT budget, a lack of bandwidth to resolve problems. And a patchwork of disparate systems that were inefficient and difficult to manage.

Choosing Cortavo as its MSP came with several benefits that were critical to I*LOGIC’s success, such as having access to customized solutions for its unique IT environment, and a responsive help desk that allowed them to resolve issues quickly.

Having an MSP has freed up I*LOGIC’s IT staff, allowing them to work on long-term strategic projects, and also has reduced the ongoing challenges of onboarding and offboarding employees. CEO Sharon Weatherspoon says Cortavo’s responsiveness has made them a valuable part of the team.

“I would recommend them because they have excellent and timely customer service,” she says, adding that the company has shaved between 20 and 29% from its IT spend by hiring Cortavo. It also has taken a huge burden off the IT department, says IT Manager Alan Toby.

“They are knowledgeable and helpful in our system issues,” he says. “We have been able to resolve [our issues] in a timely manner.”

Peace of Mind with Cortavo

Ready to reimagine IT, cut the headaches of maintaining IT systems, increase productivity, and finally obtain peace of mind? Call Cortavo at 1.844.4CORTAVO to learn more.

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