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How Cortavo ReImagines IT: Stories from Cortavo Customers

As a managed services provider, Cortavo by Aventis Systems recognizes that technology solutions are rarely, if ever, one-size-fits-all. But being able to adapt to the needs of individual industries, as well as drill down to the needs of specific companies within those...

What Is Email Spoofing?

Have you ever received an email from one of your company's executives asking you to download an attachment or click a link? Most will realize this is spam due to your email client noting it as such. However, hackers are getting more sophisticated and "life-like", that...

You’ve been Phished

You've been "PHISHED"What is Phishing?  This is a great question. It's when someone sends you an email that looks like a legitimate email. These emails can often times look completely legitimate, but there's several ways you can tell they're fake. This email you...