Cortavo Understands the Construction Industry

Leaders in the construction industry need an effective solution to cut costs, collaborate more effectively, combat cybersecurity attacks, and safeguard their data.  That’s where Cortavo comes in! Cortavo is the ideal, worry-free managed IT service solution that keeps your IT running, eliminates downtime and drastically reduces cost. Cortavo not only delivers exceptional IT services, but also provides forward-thinking strategic planning, consulting and the support you need to optimize your technology infrastructure. Let Cortavo fully manage your IT infrastructure from your hardware, software, communications and support!

Is Cortavo the right solution for your construction company?

Cortavo’s in-depth knowledge of the construction industry and their well-rounded solution includes managed email with Microsoft 365, security, 24/7 support and monitoring, business reviews, plus a complete hardware refresh, making it a no-brainer. Furthermore, we equip jobsite trailers with computer workstations, toughbooks, security cameras, large displays and reliable connectivity.

Use our feature comparison guide below to explore the benefits of each of our service plans. While this chart broadly covers the features included in each plan, our IT team can drill down into the finer technical points with you, or develop a solution better tailored to your company. Contact your representative here or call 1.866.267.8286 to choose or customize your Cortavo IT solution.

Consider the “Big Picture”

It’s no small secret that the US construction industry need faces down real challenges every day, ranging from lagging technology adoption to old and ineffective IT infrastructure. But like all inevitable technologies, it’s a matter of adapt or perish. But at the same time, you might be overwhelmed. Where do you even begin?

Not to worry. Below is a free guide to help you ask the right questions, and you can always call us at 1.866.267.8286 or contact us via our website and an IT specialist will reach out shortly. Give up the frustration of dealing with bad office technology and putting out fires all day. It’s time to get your IT working for you!

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Reimagine the Construction Industry With Cortavo!

Don’t just take our word, hear from Atlanta Fine Homes on how Cortavo eases their business operations and eliminates the burden of managing their infrastructure, allowing them to now focus on their core business while we handle everything IT.