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Atlanta Fine Homes

Morley Research Consortium


“Thanks to Aventis Systems, our technical staff can now focus on their day-to-day activties and no longer focus on updating code or managing our network.” – Alan Toby, Manager of IT


“We experienced greater employee connectedness in and out of the office, greater access to secure and reliable Wi-Fi, top-notch security features, better availability, and greater automatic updates with Aventis Systems.” – Joe Massanelli, CIO


“Our Company’s network is now automatically updated with new releases ensuring peace-of-mind and reducing the burden on our IT department.” – Tracey Moore, System Admin

North Texas Contracting

“After our Office 365 migration, we achieved reduced email downtime and improved anytime/anywhere access.” – Daniel Chamero, IT Administrator


“We used to experience downtime when we had a hardware failure. With Aventis Systems’ cloud, we are shielded from hardware failures and have 100% uptime” – Jonathan Goodyear, CEO

RD Media

“I feel more comfortable now that my applications are being managed in a secure data center environment.” – Stephen Smith, CEO

Login Logix

“Migrating to the Aventis Systems Cloud was seamless and methodical. Our ISP conversion plan was key and the Aventis Systems staff supported every effort making it a huge success.” – Tom Rayburn, Chief Software Architect

A1 Security Cameras

“The top benefits of working with Aventis Systems are their quality and reliability, reduced costs and rapid delivery.” – Tony Banuelos, IT Administrator

IsenTech Business Solutions

“We utilize the Aventis Cloud for File Sharing and after implementation, we experienced an improved managed security posture with their firewall, antivirus and patching.” – Stephen Isenburg, Founder

BRT Extrusions

“We had an extremely positive experience with Aventis Systems through their dedicated support team and solid virtual infrastructure. ” – Denise Michalski, IT Administrator

Connell Industries

“We experienced 40 to 50% cost savings when working with Aventis Systems for Personal Computing equipment.” -Vincent DiGangi, Business Manager


“Quality, reliability and achieving more than 50% cost savings are our top benefits of working with Aventis Systems.” – Brandon Anderson, IT Administrator