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A Solution That Works With Your Current Infrastructure

As a business decision-maker, wearing the IT hat can be a real drag. You’re fully aware that a change needs to happen in the way you conduct your daily operations, but some of your IT infrastructure serves you well and you don’t need to commit to a huge revamp of your office technology.

All of your hardware and business tools are working out well, but you need remote monitoring, rock solid tech support and few other essentials to close the gap.

Fortunately, we have just the solution for you.

Introducing: Cortavo Lite

Cortavo Lite is an economical and versatile solution, fitting around your existing IT network, software and hardware. We can provide all the remote monitoring and 24/7/365 support your infrastructure demands to keep your office humming along, and there’s no need to change what’s working. We optimize, monitor and support all of your IT operations at a smooth and affordable monthly rate no surprises so you can shift gears back to growing your business.

Cortavo Lite is Cortavo Complete’s lean and adaptable sibling. Feel free to compare service plans to find out what works best for your unique business. 

The chart below offers you a brief overview of Cortavo Lite. However, the best way to learn more about how we can accelerate your business is to reach out to your Cortavo representative today at 1-866-CORTAVO. Our specialists are standing by to propel your company forward and get you back to your real work.

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Cortavo Lite

FeaturesCortavo Lite
Price per seat (contact us for customized pricing!)$105
Managed Workspace Services
- Service Desk
- Virtual CIO / Advisory
- Remote Monitoring & Management
- Managed Email & Office Apps
Managed Security Services
- Managed Antivirus / Ransomware Protection
- Hard Drive Encryption & Document Backups

*Minimum of 5 employees required for Cortavo Lite Solutions

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Reimagine IT with Cortavo!

Don’t just take our word, hear from Atlanta Fine Homes on how Cortavo eases their business operations and eliminates the burden of managing their infrastructure, allowing them to now focus on their core business while we handle everything IT.