Cortavo Improves IT at Gentry Law Firm, LLC

Gentry Law Firm suffered from technology that didn't perform and unresponsive service. Then they chose Cortavo, and IT and operations improved.


Gentry Law Firm, LLC



Gentry Law Firm was founded to ease the burden and stress of divorce and child custody legal cases. Their experienced attorneys and staff provide exceptional attention to clients and achieving desired outcomes. Through successful representation, Gentry Law is well-respected in the local and legal community. 

Despite their success, Gentry Law Firm began facing technology challenges, making it obvious that they needed to seek a better managed IT services provider. And due to outstanding service and complete managed IT for small and mid-sized businesses, Gentry Law finally selected Cortavo.

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Through conversations with Stephanie Delay, Operations Manager and Elizabeth Gentry, Marketing Coordinator, Cortavo discovered several areas of concern and desired improvement.

  • Gentry Law was extremely dissatisfied with their current technology provider
  • Slowness in completing requested projects
  • Operating reactively
  • Additional costs for onsite visits that forced Gentry Law to solve IT issues themselves
  • The IT provider lacked overall understanding of Gentry Law’s tech environment
  • The server shut employees out multiple times a day
  • Printer configuration issues
  • Aging network hardware
  • Unreliable phones and weak internet

Obsolete hardware, unreliable phones and spotty internet reduced productivity and created a real risk for downtime at crucial moments during cases, which could become a great concern among clients who demand the assurance that they can handle caseloads and deadlines.




To resolve these issues and prevent future technology roadblocks, Cortavo implemented a suite of solutions to increase productivity, reduce downtime and give attorneys their time back to focus on their caseload.

  • Complete office hardware refresh with brand new firewalls, access points and new business-grade laptops to ensure consistent reliability. 
  • High-speed, dual redundant internet connections to maintain uninterrupted productivity and communication.
  • Data migrated to a cloud server in our Tier-3 data center, which allows secure, constant backup and reporting.
  • Configuring, supplying and setting up all new or existing workstations for a first-rate onboarding experience.
  • Unlimited IT service desk, providing 24/7 IT support for all employees, plus unlimited on-site service when needed.

Our team now fully manages their network and Microsoft environment to proactively monitor performance and prevent future problems instead of having to fix them later. By partnering with Cortavo for IT needs, Gentry Law now has a roadmap for technology success.

“Much higher level of confidence that if problems arise, they'll be dealt with promptly and knowledgeably."

Bill Gentry, Owner, Gentry Law Firm, LLC


Since taking on Cortavo as their IT provider, Gentry Law achieved sizable results that improved their operations and positioned them to better handle their caseload. Gentry Law highly rates Cortavo services in the following areas:

  • Provides the hardware and software to handle our caseload: Best-In-Class
  • Predictable monthly IT spend: Best-In-Class
  • IT service desk responsiveness for attorneys and staff: Best-In-Class
  • Client confidentiality through cybersecurity: Best-In-Class
  • After-hours support (night hours or weekends): Great
  • Accessibility and ease of file sharing for legal documents: Great

Gentry Law acknowledges that Cortavo has made them a more technically dependable law firm for their clients through cybersecurity, high-performing technology and faster IT service response times. They believe they are now with the right managed IT services provider.



We resolved a law firm's IT stress with solutions that gave them peace of mind, and we can do the same for you.

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