Frequently Asked Questions

Transparency is paramount at Cortavo, and so frequently asked questions are a good way to start a conversation about what we can do for your business. Below is a list of frequently asked questions from our customers about Cortavo’s services. If you still have questions remaining, the best way to get answers quickly is simply to call us at 1.866.CORTAVO or contact us here.

Q. “How long does it take to get fully set up?”

Setup takes about 30 days. Equipping your new hires takes about 5 days. With Cortavo, onboarding is quick and hassle-free.

Q. “What happens if I discover more needs during the onboarding process such as adding users, printers, webcams, etc.?”

That’s exactly what our thorough onboarding process is for. We can easily accommodate any changes and remain flexible to new realities and needs as they present themselves.

Q. “So what do you mean I get all new equipment and computers?”

We mean just that. Under our Cortavo Complete plan, you’ll get a complete equipment refresh right off the bat. Every employee within your organization, whether they work in-office or remotely, will be equipped with a computer workstation that includes dual monitors, a desktop or laptop, keyboard, mouse and other accessories. We also provide all the necessary networking and server equipment to get your office up to speed. But we’re also brand-agnostic, meaning that we can set you up on Dell, HP, Lenovo or other brands you might prefer. This ensures that all of your equipment and software operates across a uniform standard. Then every 36 months when you renew your contract, we refresh all of your used equipment with new equipment once more. You’ll never have to worry about it again.

Q. “What happens if my equipment gets damaged or I need a replacement?” 

Easy. With our advance replacement, just contact us and we’ll overnight a fully-equipped and ready replacement to you right away. Our systems and parts are in stock, ensuring you get back to business as soon as possible.

Q. Let’s say I call with a tech issue. Am I going to be on the phone all day?

We won’t let that happen. We understand your time is valuable, and we’re not simply offering technology, but to give you your time back and bring you peace of mind. Cortavo offers 24/7 Help Desk support every day of the year. Furthermore, our tech support is Level 2, meaning that you’re not going to get stuck dialing around phone trees or talking to people who cannot help you. Our expert team ensures quick service desk support with 80% of support calls resolved in one call and an average ticket close time of ~20 mins. The person who picks up will be a trained specialist with industry caliber. If we have to escalate your issue, we can and will. And while we resolve 95% of support calls remotely, don’t worry: we can provide onsite support as needed.

Q. Do you support remote employees?

Of course we do remote work is here to stay. We not only support remote work but help outfit and advise your office to be able to operate a remote work force as effectively as possible. We achieve this through remote support.

Remote support lets IT technicians access computers or devices remotely to diagnose and fix problems without being physically present. Thanks to the software facilitating this, technicians can view the screen of a remote device on their own in real-time and commandeer the device to troubleshoot, install software or adjust settings. They can also complete routine updates, maintenance and oversee networks on a myriad of different devices, not simply computers.

Remote support allows our team to fix your problems quickly, without subjecting you to longwinded phone calls and tedious walkthroughs.

Q. “Can I add more employees to my plan as my business grows?”

Absolutely! In fact, we expect to work and scale with growing businesses. You can just keep adding more employees at your current per-employee rate. Also, if your new employees need computer equipment we can take care of everything with our Cortavo Complete plan and have them set up in 5 business days.

To remove a user, just submit a ticket and we will wipe their computer clean, lock it down, back up their data and make the data available to the appropriate people. That employee will be removed from your next bill as long as the minimum threshold is met from the contract.

Q. “What if I need to add 3rd-party applications such as Adobe, Bluebeam, etc.?”

Our team has the expertise to handle third party applications. The price will be MSRP with no markups on our end.

Q. “How will you ensure that Cortavo learns the ins and outs of our business and what makes us unique?”

Each customer is different, and we utilize a time-tested process to ensure we meet your unique needs. We will assess the details of your onboarding materials and the entire office environment to ensure we get the information we need. And we’ll be there through every step of the process to learn more about your business, its challenges and its needs. 

Q. “What about reporting?”

Do you ever feel like you don’t know what’s going on with your technology? Or that when you hire a tech pro, you hand them the keys and wonder what they’re doing? With our Virtual CIO, we give you a periodic 360 view of your technology, its performance and spot needs as they emerge. Reporting ensures that you have the information needed to help your company plan and improve strategically. We provide quarterly business reviews and meetings with you to discuss past, present and future goals relating to the alignment of your IT to the rest of your business.

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Don’t just take our word for it, here’s what our customers have to say…

“The engineers are great. Very knowledgeable and friendly. They always answer calls right away. They also provide hands-on work when requested. Couldn’t be happier.”

— David Scanlan, IT Vice President, Atlanta Fine Homes

“The ultimate factor that led us to choose Cortavo by Aventis Systems was their IT expertise, hardware and software support, network security, reliability, scalability and so much more.”

— Joe Massanelli, Chief Information Officer, FlexTecs