Everything you need to know about cyber insurance

Curious about cyber insurance?

Download our qualification guide.

Curious about cyber insurance?

Download our qualification guide

The Cyber Security Landscape

The internet is rich with opportunity, but it can be dangerous.

Most small business leaders like you probably think about IT and if you do it’s on a break-fix basis. Some probably think even less about the prospect of a cyber attack, lulled into the false sense that there are bigger targets than themselves. That couldn’t be wrong. Most large firms view cyberattacks as a matter or not if, but when. In 2019, 43% of cyberattacks targeted small businesses, according to a report from Accenture, and 60% of businesses don’t survive such attacks. 

In response, the cyber insurance industry emerged to meet the hazard head-on and is only poised to grow in coming years.

How Cyber Insurance Can Help

Depending on the policy, cyber insurance coverage could cover:

  • cyber extortion payments
  • notifying impacted customers
  • customer credit
  • fraud monitoring services
  • business interruption expenses
  • hiring experts to investigate the breach
  • regulatory compliance
  • legal defense and court costs
  • out-of-court settlements and judgements

But are YOU insurable? Cortavo can help you address that very question. 

The Cortavo Advantage

Cortavo is an all-inclusive managed IT solution created by Aventis Systems. Based in Atlanta, GA, Cortavo provides all the hardware, software, 24/7/365 tech support, network infrastructure, and cloud services necessary to address small to medium-sized businesses’ technology needs and challenges at a predictable monthly cost. Cortavo manages technology expansion and supports thousands of small business employees throughout the Southeastern United States.

For help becoming more insurable from cyberattack, please call 1-866-267-8286, visit www.Cortavo.com or connect with Cortavo by Aventis Systems on LinkedIn, Twitter or Facebook.


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