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Time to Refresh: A List of Computer Hardware Problems

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Don’t you love those agonizing moments spent waiting for the spinning wheel of death to disappear and finally load what you’ve been waiting for? We’ve all been there. But what if that’s happening daily, or worse, multiple times a day? It might be your computer hardware.

Well, if you were looking for a sign that you need a new computer, that’s one of the first of many you may notice. While it may seem like a non-issue to most, the majority of the computer problems you’ll face that are indicators that it’s time for a refresh, go undetected. Here’s a list of common computer hardware problems you may face that should be taken as signs that the end of your computer’s life is near:

  1. When booting on and off it takes longer than usual 
  2. Frequent crashes
  3. Its fans sound like a rocket about to take off
  4. Your computer gets physically hot to touch
  5. The traditional applications you use have slowed significantly 
  6. You can’t process updates or add new software due to incompatibility
  7. Difficulty running multiple applications at the same time
  8. When physically typing it lags to display the text in real-time
  9. Getting pop up notifications that your security is out of date 
  10. Inability to hold a charge at all or only for short periods of time
  11. You already updated RAM or CPU and are still experiencing issues 
  12. Consistent spending on repairs and maintenance 
  13. A decline in screen quality or flickering 
  14. It contains outdated peripherals that are no longer supported, like a CD-ROM drive
  15. Last but not least, you purchased it 3-5 years ago

Are You Experiencing Computer Hardware Problems?

If you are experiencing 2-3 of these, it’s time to start researching your next computer to purchase when the next holiday sale rolls around, don’t stress though, you’ve still got some time. Whether your noticing 4-6, it’s best to start considering a new computer sooner rather than later, while you should still have a little time, it could be a matter of days depending on the severity of the issue you are facing. If you’re recognizing over 7 of these signs, it’s time to get a new computer and back up all files right now before it’s too late. How many of these issues are you currently experiencing? Comment below to let us know.

If you are noticing these signs amongst your small business’s computers we can help you get a complete refresh with no upfront cost, just drop us a line if you’d like to learn more!

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