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Internet Safety vs. Cybersecurity: What You Need To Know

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The terms roll off our lips all the time, but we seldom really think about them. The 21st century is completely reliant on technology. Be it laptop, internet, television or phone, there’s just no getting around the unreal change ushered in through the last couple of decades. Billions of points of access saturating society means that businesses and individuals must remain vigilant about their cybersecurity and internet safety. 

We all overhear buzzwords and phrases like internet safety and cybersecurity, but are these two concepts even the same thing? In short: no. However, both concepts do involve many overlapping elements and solutions in online safety. Yet despite similarities, certain key differences stand out for highlight in this very article. 

Understanding Internet Safety 

When discussing internet safety, we’re specifically referring to user awareness of online safety when surfing the internet. Such awareness indicates a user’s knowledge of the risks to their private information. As it stands, many users cruise around wide open to online threats without realizing it, with their identities and data dangling out there like plump, rare steaks for hackers to notice. Sadly, as digital connectivity and communication rose ever higher in the 21st century, incidence of cybercrime joined it. Common online threats include phishing, cyberbullying, malware, scams, cyberstalking, extortion and online predators. While internet safety awareness represents a vital necessity for individuals in their private affairs, it also impacts companies and their personnel. The risks faced by individual persons can also bleed into their organizations. 

Understanding Cybersecurity 

When defining cybersecurity, we refer to how individuals and organizations alike lessen their risk of coming under cyberattack. The primary aim of cybersecurity is device-centered and seeks to protect the device itself rather than any individual. This aim further incorporates protecting the tools and services accessed online and at work from theft or damage. Lastly, cybersecurity seeks to curb unauthorized access to personal data stored on devices and online.

Internet Safety and Cybersecurity: The Difference

  1. Cybersecurity protects information, while internet safety protects people.
  2. Weak internet safety leaves individuals exposed personally, while weak cybersecurity leaves a system vulnerable to hackers.
  3. Internet safety banks on air-tight passwords, mindful posting on social media and careful downloading. On the other hand, cybersecurity utilizes features like up-to-date software, firewalls and multi-factor authentication.

Basically, internet safety boils down to individual people and their safety, while cybersecurity concerns itself with securing data and devices within whole systems. 

An IT Provider Can Shield Your Business

While both concepts of cybersecurity and online safety are essential, businesses need to focus on cybersecurity while training and educating their staff on best practices for safe browsing. One miscalculation or wrong click could bring your business to its knees. Nevertheless, there are steps that business owners can proactively  take in guarding their information, companies and assets by partnering with an IT provider to implement a cybersecurity strategy and assist them with cybersecurity insurance.


Since security breaches can trash your reputation and pillage your customers’ sensitive data, you must give cybersecurity the serious weight it deserves. One proactive way for business leaders to ensure they have adequate protection is to partner with an IT provider to form a multilayered strategy and response plan fit for their reality. Cortavo’s IT professionals are not only seasoned IT experts but undergo continuous training for safety online and cybersecurity, sharing their wealth of insights with business decision-makers and employees alike.

If you have any questions about cybersecurity and internet safety, feel free to contact us via our online form here, or by calling your dedicated specialist at 1.866.CORTAVO.

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