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Technology Gaps? Here's How to Fix Them in Order of Priority

Technology Gaps? Here's How to Fix Them in Order of Priority

In today's tech-driven world, businesses face numerous challenges, from cyberthreats to intense competition and regulatory demands. Keeping your technology infrastructure current is essential, and the best starting point is a thorough technology audit.

A technology audit helps you understand and identify gaps in your organization’s security, compliance, and backup systems. It answers critical questions like:

  • Is your current IT infrastructure vulnerable or lacking in any areas?
  • Are there unnecessary tools or processes that don't align with your goals?
  • Are you compliant with regulations, prepared for security threats, and capable of restoring operations after a system outage or data breach?
  • What steps can you take to address discovered vulnerabilities?


If you lack an IT background, the audit results can be confusing. The numerous items needing updates or replacements might overwhelm you, leaving you unsure where to start. This is where prioritization and the stoplight approach become invaluable. 


The Stoplight Approach

The stoplight method categorizes gaps or vulnerabilities into red, yellow, and green groups based on severity.


RED: Address the Highest Risks First

Focus your attention and resources on the most pressing issues. Prioritizing severe infrastructure vulnerabilities is crucial. For example, if facing a ransomware attack, updating Microsoft 365 becomes less critical.

High-priority vulnerabilities to be classified as RED include:

  • Non-functional backups
  • Unauthorized network access, including ex-employees and third parties
  • Suspicious login attempts by former employees or third parties
  • Unsecured remote connections
  • Lack of documented operating procedures


YELLOW: Focus on Gaps That Are Not Urgent

Some gaps can wait until more critical issues are resolved. These medium-priority vulnerabilities should be considered when planning and budgeting for future updates.

Medium-severity vulnerabilities (YELLOW) include:

  • Insufficient multifactor authentication
  • Automated patching system failures
  • Outdated antivirus software
  • Failure to enable account lockout on some computers


GREEN: Address Non-Critical Issues if Budget Allows

These are the lowest-priority vulnerabilities. Address them gradually after resolving higher-priority issues.

Low-severity vulnerabilities (GREEN) include:

  • Accounts with passwords set to "never expire"
  • Computers with operating systems nearing end of support
  • Persistent on-premises syncing issues
  • Excessive administrative access


Importance of Prioritizing Gaps

Prioritizing gaps ensures that resources are spent efficiently, focusing on critical issues first. This systematic approach helps maintain uptime, ensuring that not all components are down simultaneously, thus safeguarding productivity and customer service.

Contact us for a free consultation and download our infographic “Prioritize Technology Gaps” by clicking here.

Eliminate Tech Gaps in Your Business

Learn why it's crucial to prioritize your technology gaps by reading our in-depth article here.

Need Help?

If you’re unsure where to start, a Managed Service Provider (MSP) like Cortavo can help prioritize technology gaps. This ensures you maximize your technology investment while maintaining uptime and productivity.



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