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Why Flat-Fee Managed Services Are Ideal for Faith-Based Organizations

Why Flat-Fee Managed Services Are Ideal for Faith-Based Organizations

Why Choose Managed IT Services?

Your place of worship is precious to the communities you serve. And yet the impact of technology on the church and other institutions plays a growing role in their effectiveness, reach and flourishing. 

Maybe you're not tech-savvy, or you assumed IT was for large companies. Yet you can get enterprise-grade IT, and you don't need to be an expert to get started. In fact, religious organizations have technology needs comparable to those of small businesses. And that's why it's important to select a managed IT service provider familiar with your needs and that offers service plans that fit you.

With the right managed IT, you can have an affordable IT strategy with ongoing support and management, all for a no-surprise service plan.

How can I get started?


Cybersecurity Threats to Non-Profits


It's a sad truth that houses of worship have become targets for cyberattacks. Hackers are aware that clergy not only manages the financial data of its members, but is also entrusted with sensitive confessional information, often relayed though email. Hacking, phishing, malware, ransomware and viruses make cybersecurity imperative.

A sizable 3.4% of the 40,000 hacks made daily targeted religious organizations.

Vulnerabilities often stem from outdated legacy hardware, which may no longer be supported and more prone to infiltration. In fact, hardware should be replaced every 3-5 years. Outdated software also represents a large vulnerability.

We get out head of this by constantly monitoring your network to eliminate threats. We host your data on secure servers, protect your communications with encryption, install a firewall and guard your logins double authentication.

Other solutions we can help with include developing a Data Protection Policy, a Security Plan and training your personnel in data safety best practices.

Live Streaming Services & Virtual Worship

Religious organizations face multifaceted challenges to operate and meet the needs of their members. While churches, synagogues and mosques were already expanding their reach with
online services to enable virtual attendance, this capacity was stretched to its limits in recent years, and it's probably here to stay.

Over $2.2 billion was donated to nonprofits online in 2015 alone.

This new paradigm calls for livestreaming capabilities (and some popular tools, to boot), online attendance and online donation moving forward. The elderly and infirm greatly benefit from this model, as well as satellite offices and international outreach.

Streaming services rely on high-speed, redundant internet and unlimited service desk support to ensure maximum uptime. And to protect your temple or church IT network from disruption and ensure you always have the available storage, a data migration to a redundant VPS cloud server is preferable to buying and maintaining bulky servers.

Computers, Laptops & Hardware

Instead of buying different computers at different times (resulting in incompatible hardware of various ages and types), Cortavo starts you off with a complete hardware and software refresh to put everyone on a single standard, followed by periodic refreshes years out — all included in our flat service plan. 

To ensure your team operates at maximum uptime, overnight advance replacements for your computers and laptops is included in your service plan.

Is there a way to afford this? Yes.

Non-Profit Budget Stewardship

Our plan-based technology model improves technology standardization. It also improves budgeting by eliminating hefty capital outlays in exchange for a flat fee that you can journalize as an operating cost.

Also, non-profit institutions often need to run projects and spending by committee as a best practice. In light of that, it's extremely beneficial to have an IT partner capable of anticipating and swiftly addressing any concerns, as well as a service plan that expedites committee approval to avoid project bottlenecks.

Something else to think about: as you take on your IT projects (deploying hardware, migrating to the cloud, software licensing, updates and refreshes, etc.), you'll need a budget-friendly service plan that is both predictable and that includes unlimited support so you can execute your projects confidently without racking up costs as you do.

With Cortavo, there are no surprises, our fee is flat and we scale with you.

Ongoing & Unlimited Service Desk Support

Just as important as having the tech to support your religious mission is also having the support to troubleshoot it and keep it in working order.

Cortavo offers in all of our plans unlimited service desk support, domestically based, trained and certified in the same tools we equip you with. Our service teams can provide remote support by commandeering your device and fixing the problem directly, or even by arriving on-site as needed. Our standard resolution time is approximately 20 minutes and the vast majority of support tickets are resolved remotely. 

And since support is unlimited and included in every Cortavo service plan, you can call with confidence knowing you won't be slammed with surprise costs. 

Schedule a call with us to learn how IT can serve your religious mission.


Our Solutions Include Computer Software

Whatever the service plan, in each one we include the essential software you need to work and collaborate.

We provide your team with your choice of office tools from Microsoft 365 or Google Workspace. Furthermore, we help your team collaborate by setting them up and training them in popular communication apps like Slack and Teams

Finally, we handle all software migration, licensing, refreshes and updates to keep your staff untangled from managing licensing and vendors.

Selecting a Technology Provider for Your

Faith-Based Community

Fortunately, all these vital concerns are met and exceeded by Cortavo, a complete managed IT service provider offering all-inclusive IT services under smooth and predictable service plans that fit your faith community and deliver results. And because so many professional services are included in our plans, we can simply take the IT stress off your hands entirely and let you get back to your higher calling.

And when you're ready, we're here to help.

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