Cortavo Cybersecurity at a Construction Company

Cortavo prepared an accomplished construction company to protect their data, their reputation and their customers.



A distinguished construction company (which opted to remain anonymous) offering design build, general contracting, construction management, development and redevelopment approached Cortavo after suffering from a cyberattack that took their productivity offline. 

This well-respected company serves as an example that breaches can occur with any business. Their professional management team holds hundreds of years of combined construction experience and they have secured numerous accolades in excellence and have finished scores of projects for the governments federal and local alike, corporations, schools and faith communities. Yet despite their accomplishments in the community, management quickly came to grips with the fact that to survive cyberthreats like what they suffered, certain changes were in order. That's when they approached Cortavo.


Company Facts

  • Small business; 11-50 employees

  • Founded in the early 1980s

  • Headquartered in Florida





This client faced numerous IT challenges prompting them to seek professional help in a new outsourced IT provider, as their cybersecurity strategy left much to be desired with their previous IT provider. Eventually, their company experienced first-hand a cyberattack resulting in significant loss of productivity. From the perspective of management, future cyberattacks threatened their business in the following operations. 

  • Servicing clients
  • Their reputation
  • Processing orders/quotes
  • Processing accounting tasks
  • Running their overall business

Before partnering with Cortavo, the client described their unpreparedness in multiple areas.

  • Cyberattack prevention
  • Phishing attack prevention
  • Cybersecurity training for employees
  • Antivirus software
  • Dealing with spam email
  • Cybersecurity reporting
  • Backup and recovery

When our client initially approached us, we offered them a free Dark Web Scan, the results of which the customer described as "alarming."



At the beginning of the new partnership, Cortavo deployed constant network monitoring, a cybersecurity platform, 24/7 help desk support, encryption, spam tools, antivirus software, and an entire cybersecurity infrastructure designed to keep data secure at the profiled construction company.

“Cortavo staff and their actions demonstrate competence in areas of cybersecurity, and also in all aspect of our IT service needs which further assures our confidence in cybersecurity protection.”
Construction Client



The client achieved the following results with Cortavo, reporting a new improvement and preparedness in all problem areas. 

  • cyberattack prevention: prepared
  • phishing attack prevention: prepared
  • cybersecurity training for employees: prepared
  • antivirus software: perfectly prepared
  • dealing with spam email: prepared
  • cybersecurity reporting: prepared
  • backup and recovery: perfectly prepared

The client has since described their sentiment as "very confident" we can keep their network secure.



We resolved a construction company's IT stress with cybersecurity that gave them peace of mind, and we can do the same for you.

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