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Headquartered in Atlanta, Georgia, Hesam Lamei founded founded Cortavo as a complete, simplified and affordable IT solution to eliminate the burden and complexity of IT for small to mid-sized businesses. Hesam founded Cortavo in 2019 under its his first company, Aventis Systems.

It can be a challenge for small businesses, no doubt. But Cortavo changes what is often a roadblock into a powerful advantage. We provide all-inclusive IT services with simple plan options and one easy-to-understand price model that scales along with your business. We will remove the complexity of your business’ IT my managing it for you and providing you with everything you need to be successful. From end to end, our comprehensive solutions deploys workstation computers, networking, security, internet connections, licensing, phones, hosting, backup and cybersecurity. All you have to do is show up and focus on your business while we handle the tech that runs your office.

But that’s enough about our history — let’s talk about your future. Let’s talk about unburdening your business from managing IT so you can return to whatever it is your office excels at. Contact us today by clicking here or by calling 1.866.267.8286 and speaking with one of our specialists. We look forward to helping you.

Hesam Lamei | Founder & CEO

Hesam Lamei is a proud member
of the Georgia Titan 100 List

Aventis Systems

In January of 2008, the weakening economy throughout the United States started to affect small and large businesses alike. Companies everywhere were forced to stretch their ever-tightening budgets while still satisfying their requirements for IT maintenance and growth. When Aventis Systems opened its doors with a mission to fill the need for affordable server hardware equipment, it could not have been at a more opportune time.

Hesam Lamei originally founded the company as an eBay store in which he sold Dell PowerEdge servers. Prior to launching Aventis Systems, Lamei operated another successful eBay business, Quality Rams, in which he sold memory for servers and PCs. During its 5-year tenure, Quality Rams developed a dedicated following on eBay which provided him with a strong customer base in which to launch Aventis Systems.

Today, Aventis Systems offers comprehensive IT solutions in hardware and software, with tailored configurations built to address customers’ technology requirements and simultaneously reduce the need to source parts from multiple vendors, solve compatibility issues, or balance numerous warranties. Serving smaller businesses, Aventis Systems prices its quality solutions to cater to tighter budgets. Aventis Systems’ virtualization expertise and cloud services allow customers to deploy with ease, migrate seamlessly, and minimize downtime with offsite disaster recovery locations as well as shortened application rollout. In addition, Aventis Systems is a Microsoft Gold Partner, a relationship earned by their ability to provide elite technical expertise and customer service for the latest Microsoft cloud solutions. Aventis Systems brings its offerings to its customers through the channels of sales, support, third-party e-commerce channels and its own seamless e-commerce shopping experience. 

Aventis Systems is a privately held Atlanta-based company, backed by our founder’s vision to get IT done at affordable prices for small to medium-sized businesses. Our customer-centric approach, backed by our 10+ years of experience providing complete solutions to clients, sets us far apart from the competition.


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